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artistic // artwork // drawing // line drawing // aesthetic //
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Liberal Vertigo, Eros, and the University
lach·ry·mose ˈlakrəˌmōs,ˈlakrəˌmōz/Submit adjectiveformalliterary tearful or given to weeping. "she was pink-eyed and lachrymose" inducing tears; ...
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artistic // artwork // drawing // line drawing // aesthetic //
Cover of feature issue on America, Internationale Filmschau, 1 June 1921.
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artistic // artwork // drawing // line drawing // aesthetic //
“ story time | selkies a sad affair, to have a love lusting for the
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Dr. Seuss quotes in my classroom Quotable Quotes, Funny Quotes, Cartoon Quotes,
Girl with her Head in a Book's 'family-story' books on Goodreads (144 books)
I don't often pick out death metal albums to review so when I do something special must be going on. On this EP by French combo Disowning I'm extremely ...
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Experimental directors like Godard served a knowing audience. Recent films, by contrast, are meant for the mainstream.
Find this Pin and more on 「kin?」 - chℓσe frαzєr༶ by suicidepeach.
On the other hand, communism
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artistic // artwork // drawing // line drawing // aesthetic // colour // art // artist
Anyone who has spent any amount of time reading Seattle comics knows the name Megan Kelso. Kelso has long been a passionate advocate of the Seattle comics ...
Wouldn't it be rad if it were actually about animal rights in some semi-serious way? I'll be over here holding my breath.
artistic // artwork // drawing // line drawing // aesthetic //
cat, aesthetic, and pastel image
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Aesthetic Japan, Red Aesthetic, Character Aesthetic, Simple Aesthetic, Aesthetic Images, Red
Penguen Duo | Erdil Yaşaroğlu and Selçuk Erdem
Study the history of Bolshevik USSR & you see the future for the USA, unless changes are made | Uprootedpalestinians's Blog
In this album reviewing game, and it is a game, most new releases tend to fall into two distinct camps. Camp One is the camp of the major releases from ...
sabato 4 novembre 2017
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roald dahl illustrations - Google Search
Eric Sharp – 'Eric Sharp & Friends EP'
E-text prepared by Al Haines
... of times per level and watch the KO count go up. The difference between your normal musuo game and Attack on Titan is the amount of enemies you face.
“4:16 in the afternoon in the summer of my 52nd year / I'm lying on the bed in the heat wondering about geometry.” Thus begins 3 Summers, Lisa Robertson's ...
Found on purrson.tumblr.com via Tumblr Disney Films, Walt Disney, Disney
The ...
Jason Arriola, John Lucero, ...
Nah, for real, this shit is surprisingly good. I wouldn't mind of Wild Mighty Freak become the next big thing in the nu-scene. (S.)
... back by foolish decisions. The goal of a standard Turf War match ...
... callow1.jpg - 12.6 K
1571. SAMURAI: “Kappa” (Philips – FX-8511) (Record: Near Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Excellent 〜 Near Mint/ Insert: Near Mint). TOP COPY, First original ...
SAMURAI: “S/T” (London/King Records – SLC-409) (Record: Mint/ Gatefold Jacket: Near Mint ~ Mint/ Obi: MINT). Freakingly rare Japanese white label ...
The Melancholy ...
Blind-men-1.jpg ...
Schweppes 1958
The Project Gutenberg eBook of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 8, January, 1851.
A fabulous record released by German black metal act Vindorn, Perdition has seven tracks: Masquerade, Ansiktet, Panie Diable, Rozhodnutí osudu?
Cameron ...
Review: The Moé Manifesto
It is rational for a country to abandon administrative obstacles to progress.
To the Wrong-Siders
19. Portrait of Kornei
Leng Hock – 'All The Way'
The DreamFactoryCover
"Skeleton pondering", a sketch from the Italian anatomist Vesalius and a typical "
Front cover: A brass strip marks zero longitude at Greenwich, England. Photo: Bruce Dale/National Geographic/Getty Images. - PDF
3. The Knights of the Joyous Venture
And ...
Cover of Casey's Tape / Harmontown Loops by Colleen Green.
1580. SATO MASAHIKO: “Transformation '69/ '71” (Express – ETP-9041) (Record: Near Mint/ Jacket: Excellent ~ Near Mint) Same as the above listed one, ...
Benetton at 50: can the brand knit compassion with colourful clothes in 2015? | Fashion | The Guardian
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It has a proper page layout, with sections and bullet points, and also a friendly zombie.
Wimpy Casper's dangerous "gangster" uncle pushing sugar-highs by the box?
2. Portrait of Zamiatin
All ...
Monster Brains T-shirts? Yes please.
20. Portrait of Aleksandr Blok on
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 – Unfailingly approachable, insatiably inquisitive, Tony Auth was always a pleasure to run into.