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Princess Azula ATLA | Avatar | Pinterest | Avatar, Azula and Avatar the last airbender
A lot of people just see Azula as some heartless, evil, well, you know. But I don't necessarily think that's the case. I feel as though Azula just needed ...
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Azula Goes Crazy
azula quotes | Tumblr Korra Avatar, Team Avatar, Avatar World, Fire Nation,
Avatar – Der Herr der Elemente images Azula and Zuko wallpaper and background photos
What Do You Think Of the Fire Nation Girls (Azula, Mai, Ty lee)? Poll Results - Avatar: The Last Airbender
The “conversation" ends with Azula throwing a hairbrush at the image of her mother and breaking down crying. This can be considered the start of her descent ...
Avatar – Der Herr der Elemente images azula wallpaper and background photos
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And finally when she challenged Zuko to an Agni Kai, she wasn't able to defeat him, this completely broke her mentally and was lead to insanity.
Not even mentioning this gem:
Avatar Azula "Mad Hatter" AMV
azula_by_cocatrola Avatar Azula, Avatar Legend Of Aang, Legend Of Korra, Team Avatar,
Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise
But ...
Avatar: The Last Airbender · download Avatar: The Last Airbender image
The ...
Azula and Zuko from the Avatar manga
I was genuinely terrified of Azula in the series. Until, when I read the Search and actually cried. | Tumblr | Pinterest | Avatar, Avatar la leyenda de aang ...
'Light My Flame' Azula/Fem! Reader by Jessie1209 on DeviantArt
When I first saw this I thought Azula's hat was an afro haha | Avatar the Last Airbender
The Cries of a Cabbage Merchant | Pinterest | Avatar, Avatar the last airbender and Azula
Azula Zuko Iroh Ursa illustration
Avatar: The Return of Azula - Redemption
Fire lord azula close up by invisiblejohnny
Princess Azula
Azula's Breakdown ...
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This is Azula-- ...
Avatar: The Last Airbender images Azula ♥ wallpaper and background photos
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Azula download Azula image
Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Search
She was born two years after her older brother, Prince Zuko, she was born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa. Her father had tried to teach her brother to be ...
[No Spoilers] Amethyst Leon as Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
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Pictures of azula - PaigeeWorld
Azula is my favorite character on Avatar: The Last Airbender! In my opinion, she has a bunch of amazing, sad, awesome, and funny moments, and I want to list ...
Even though Azula is a princess and any girl would wanna be friends with a princess, these two were her only friends. They always stood by each other like ...
Avatar the Last Airbender - Princess Azula x Ty Lee - Tyzula Avatar Azula, Avatar
Azula - Courage
Agni Kai Azula by thefenrir
Wallpaper and background photos of Azula for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender images.
Avatar - La leggenda di Aang wallpaper containing Anime entitled Azula and Ursa ♥
Azula confronts Team Avatar. Crazy Azula
Fans who toured the Avatar The Last Airbender studios returned claiming that the original designs of the swimsuits ...
on happiness.jpg “
Say what you will about Azula, but she's no doubt a complex character and at this point I feel as though they can take her character in any direction; ...
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Avatar: The Last Airbender Image #816887 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
Azula ES
just-love-zuko. The girls of avatar.
A harrowing episode of Team Avatar being pursued by Azula to the point of utter exhaustion culminates in one of the greatest team battles of the show, ...
Sometimes the most stable people are the most crazy underneath. And sometimes the joker is just right.
Azula - Avatar: The Last Airbender - Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board
... ATLA: Zuko vs Azula by Loverofpiggies
Mental AZula
As Azula said about her own impersonation, "it's funny". It really is. I've always loved watching people impersonate other people, so it's fun to see one of ...
The 20 Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Quotes
Voilà ...
Webcomic / How I Became Yours
We all know who she is! The intelligent, beautiful, and talented princess who's life led to self destruction. Many believe there's good in her and others ...
Avatar cast discovers rule 34 By Booter-Freak original noster THAT TEARS BECOMINe A NLIN
Sokka Katara Azula Aang Zuko Korra Firelord Ozai
Azula was the princess to the Fire Nation, and daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Ursa, and younger sister of Zuko in the cartoon series Avatar: The Last ...
Fan ContentFirebending Korra by kelly1412 ...
Powers and Abilities. Firebending. Azula ...
Fan ContentGrown-up Azula ...
An Interview with Princess Azula of the Fire Nation (Grey DeLisle). Ever since Avatar: The Last Airbender ...
doppelgaanger giant koi
Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 3). Airbender-CompleteBook3.jpg
"Yeah, no. I'm gonna die."
“We're done.
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Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Katara and Azula: THE REMATCH. Azula anticipates Tumblr trends by a good couple of years when she calls Katara a “filthy peasant.” Katara wins the fight by ...
"She's terrifying and inspirational at the same time. It's kind of hard to explain.
zuko & azula | crying lightning
I love this moment, and I think it's funny and weird at the same time. So, Azula's eating her cherry when, what!? there was a pit in her cherry!
Steam (Avatar: The last Airbender fanfic). Fanfiction. Azula ...
“Leave ...